Complication Detoxes, Reeking of YOURSELF, & Finding True Fullness with the Self-Acceptance Master (Podcast)

February 2, 2017

Hey guys! I’m on The Balanced Blonde Podcast chatting with my contagiously happy and bubbly girlfriend, Jordan Younger. We talk about complication detoxes, reeking of YOURSELF, and finding true fullness! I appreciate you listening in for more reasons than one: Namely because I’m fiercely competitive and selfishly want to be the most listened to podcast on Jordan’s 16 episodes. Also, I want you to give you valuable information for a healthy transition into the body God gave you.

I supposed the latter is more important than accumulating more podcast “listens”…but somehow, I’m still fixated on getting more listens (this is me shamelessly reeking of me–which you’ll learn about on the podcast). So let’s do both! How about you listen to the cast and I give you all the deets on what my life has been like over the last seven months: How I lost 45 lbs, grew happier than I’ve ever imagined and cut all the crap out of my life that no longer serves me. And I share how you can do it, too. Because, duh, I realize it’s not always about me.

Message me with any questions at or on Instagram at @iamemilynolan. If you watch my InstaStories, you know I’m always on Instagram so I always get your messages. I lurve getting to know you. Seriously. Get up in my biznass. Especially on Instagram (@iamemilynolan)!

Thanks for listening. Let’s pump up the podcast download numbers out of pure selfishness. Let’s show the world how popular self-love is. And if you’re like, “Bleh, self-love! I’m tired of hearing that, what does that even mean?!” Just know, sometimes even I want to punch myself in the face when I say the “S-L” word. It’s so general, so overused. I like specifics! Which I go into detail about on the podcast! Should we come up with a better phrase than self-love? I’m taking suggestions!!!

Did you download the podcast yet? Damn it, winning matters to me! Side note: Does anyone else completely make up competitions, even when there is none? Like running on treadmill next to someone that ups their speed and you’re like…someone hold my iPhone. I’m about to boss this B.

Thanks for succumbing to peer pressure! Love you guys! I promise, one day there will be hot coffee and crumbly pastries sitting between us.

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Radical Self-Acceptance

October 4, 2016

Several months ago, I made the dangerous decision to get a breast explant–getting my breast implants removed.

I was walking Spunky outside of our condo and stopped to call Mom.

“Mom, I have to remove my implants.” I blurted. She was surprised, definitely, and more so, worried about my health, especially considering the risks associated with having surgery–again–with my genetic blood clotting disorder, Factor V Leiden.

“Do you think you can accept yourself and live with the implants? It’s very dangerous and I’m worried about complications during surgery.”

I had already made up my mind. “I’ve thought about that, but if there’s a safe way that I can get them out, I want to do it. I’ve already set up an appointment with a hematologist.” I’m 100% in or 0%. Never in between.

“I feel them in my body, Mom. When I go for a jog, when I do a pushup. They encumber me and that doesn’t make me happy. I can’t live like this forever.” I explained.

“If I can get them out, I’m going to.” I had said what I’d been thinking for years. I covered my mouth with my free hand. By naming my fear–that I was going to risk surgery again to return back to my original body–I had released it. My final act of rebellion–choosing to return to my perfect body–was no longer a whisper in my body, but it was now alive and real. I had set the whisper free, and with it’s freedom, I too, felt more unlocked. My body had not changed, but my psychology had. I had decided that I was going to be good enough in my original Earth Suit, regardless of what it would look like post surgery. I was return home.

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Why I’m Going Back To Costa Rica

August 18, 2016

Last night, I walked over to my altar, which happens to be an end table, and picked up an empty journal one of my best friends recently gifted me. On the cover, it says Be Pretty Brave.

I crawled in bed and started to write, instead of reading through the pages of a book from the tall pile that’s growing on my nightstand. I needed to write in the same way that I need to tell someone the truth when it eats at me.

When I have my breast explant, it will be the first time ever that I’ll have seen my real, healthy body–what God gave me–as a woman. Before my augmentation, I was a teenager, and then a young woman in her early 20’s. I started to struggle with eating disorders and body dysmorphia before I got my period. Before I was even able to grow into my woman’s body, I hated my Earth Suit. And this disgust lasted for a very long time. Well beyond the years of getting a breast augmentation. And finally, this self-loathing and fear of my body came to a halt three years ago, when I was twenty-seven.

I finally feel healthy in my body (and mind, and spirit). I’m not starving or hungry, I’m not overfed or fearful that I’m not enough. I’m simply, me, with the exception of 1.75 pounds sitting under my chest; a decision I made for someone else, that I carry around with me like something heavy that’s gotten lost at the bottom of my purse. When I get my implants removed, I will have the chance to fully appreciate me. Beautiful, wonderful, me. Just as I am. And this excites me.

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Topless ™ by Emily
Reviews and Giveaways

Reviews + Giveaways

Praise For Emily

“Emily is an absolute joy to collaborate with. She brings the real conversation to the forefront about body image in such an authentic way. Our community left her Topless event feeling empowered & full of possibility!”

- Alison Utne, lululemon athletica

“Working with Emily is always so much fun (so much so that we’ve done it twice!). We love how she connects with her audience and exhibits true love for the companies she showcases, offering her own in-depth and authentic thoughts.”

- Madeline Alcott, Petit Vour

“Working with Emily is a no-brainer. Her writing is brave but vulnerable, sassy but self-aware, and kind but tough. It’s a joy to share her pieces with our community because so many readers tell us that they feel inspired and empowered by her choices.”

- Mind Body Green

“Emily provided great insights and tips as she reflected on the value of seizing the moment in a wide variety of her experiences. In short, she “rocked!”

- Stephen C. Harper, Ph.D.

“Emily was a pleasure to work with on our Rescue Chocolate giveaway. She has built up an active community in a short period. I would do a giveaway or any project with her again in a heartbeat.“

- Sarah Gross, rescue chocolate

“Emily is as sweet as she is smart. She is a true beauty with a body that is powerful, loved, and strong. Doing a giveaway on My Kind of Life was so much fun, her community is filled with wonderful women just like her!”

- Leanne Maily Hilgart, Vaute Couture

“Topless provides not only an opportunity but a call to action for each of us in service of radical honesty and acceptance of ourselves exactly as we are, to show up authentically not just for each other but for ourselves and THAT is magic.”

- Claire Santos, E-RYT

“In a way like very few can, Emily teaches us the importance of embracing our vulnerabilities in order to maximize our full potential. Topless Yoga is not your ordinary yoga class, but rather a movement and a state of mind!”

Tina Pate, KIND Snacks

“Each person involved brought their full heart into the event, creating a space of love, compassion, and clarity like I hadn’t experienced before. If you are so blessed to have Emily and her team visit your city, drop everything and go experience the magic for yourself.”  

- Nikki Novo, Author

Emily Nolan, you just stole my heart. Thank you for this.

- Elena Brower,
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