Body Empowerment Meditation (Video)

July 22, 2014

What I’ve learned on my journey, and sharing body image empowerment, is that body image is totally unrelated to size. You could be size 0 and unhappy, and the same goes for a size 18. Happiness comes from within, not a size.

Yesterday, I went on a meditative walk down the gorgeous Ditch Plains beach in Montauk. Walking in my bikini, I thought to myself, how would I feel about my body if no one had ever told me I was fat? Would I stop breathing through my chest and start breathing through my belly? How would I feel about my body if one of my friends openly admitted that they felt fat–would their comment be enough to disempower me from feeling worthy? I wonder, if fat or thin never existed in our minds–if we let the thought float off like a balloon that never comes back–how would we see our bodies?

Strong? Quick? Elegant? Smart? How would you see your body, if fat and thin never existed?

On my walk, I also started to think about how my personal journey has changed–in the most positive, self-loving way. Alas, even with all of this self-love (and as a lingerie model), I still could not get myself to take off my shirt in yoga. Sounds silly, I know. But the truth is, I bet more of us feel this way than we actually admit. Even if it’s a thought buried in the back of our mind. “Man am I hot in this yoga class. What I would give to take my shirt off right now. I’m not going to offend anyone during their peaceful practice, though. I’d rather suffer than let the class see me topless.”

Stereotypically, I’m not the same size as the women taking their tops off in a hot, sweaty yoga class (and oh do I envy their freedom to do so). Though, as I pushed back into down dog, my shirt started to loosen around my hips and began to fall to my chest–exposing my soft tummy to my fellow yogis. My first thought was to tuck it in to the front of my pants, like I did every other time, but this day was different. Something stopped me–I think it was the Universe telling me that I am great enough. Great and strong enough to empower the yogi’s around me to expose their most vulnerable body parts without anyone judgment. So as my shirt dropped towards my chest, my stomach took it’s first breath of pranayama and felt the joy of freedom–like a lonely dog, blissful, wild and free as soon as their owner comes home to greet them. (READ MORE for continued STORY and VIDEO)

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A Girl’s Guide To Finding Your Purpose (Video)

July 15, 2014

Coincidentally–or not–Nikki Novo, today’s guest on My Kind of Life TV, helped me find my purpose in life. A class Nikki offers for beginning bloggers was the catalyst to propel my website from an online recipe journal with a few off-topic posts, to a full-blown, kindness-based business model. Now, Nikki offers an entire program for women looking to find their purpose in life–not just for bloggers–and I’ve invited her on the show today to share all of her right-on-point tips with us. My favorite piece of advice she offers is to have a goal in mind, but to emphasize in soaking in the journey. Too often have I been goal-oriented and stressed out of my mind, that I’ve been totally disconnected from my breath, from the beautiful and fleeting moments, and from the unexpecting journey of blossoming like a beautiful rose bud.For me, the excitement of a beautiful rose is looking at it in wonder, before it unfolds under my nose. There is joy in the journey. First, I see a hint of color from the petals that peak out of the top. Then I start to wonder when the rose is going to open fully; when will it choose to release its sweet fragrant oils in the air as it finds a welcome home on my breakfast table. The wondrous thought that there’s so much more unpredictable life left in the new rose. That’s the euphoria that I experience as I find my purpose in life. It’s the unfolding in a journey that looks unpredictably daunting, but as we choose to embrace the little surprises that happen along the way, the journey becomes an exciting playground of joy. Nikki offers us sage advice and convinces us that there’s no day but today, to make a doable plan and walk towards that itching passion of ours with greatness: (READ MORE for VIDEO)

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Easy 2 Minute Movements with Michael Taylor (Videos)

July 8, 2014

Just recently, I became friends with Michael Taylor, the co-founder of Strala Yoga in NYC. Michael is such a humble and kind person, especially given his success in teaching people to move their bodies in a way that feels so right. From the moment I heard Michael speak about his relaxed philosophy on movement, I was absolutely, 100% on board and behind his message. His philosophy requires you to enjoy your movements (or workouts) as you’re moving through them, instead of staying stiff and tight throughout your poses or exercises.

I took Michael’s idea on movement, and applied it to life: Sure, you can have a good life if you overwork yourself and stress out, but to have a great life, you need to be relaxed and moveable as you breathe your way through your journey. I can totally do that…you want me to give up stress to get better? Sure! No problem.

When you see Michael’s videos, you’ll understand what all the hubbub is all about. He’s the real deal Holyfield:

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July’s Kind Summer BBQ Recipes (Seasonal)

July 1, 2014

Welcoming in the summer is always an experience I’ve loved, for as long as I can remember. Summer means linen shorts and flip flops, Sunday BBQs with the whole family, outdoor concerts, a beach vacation, cannonballs in the pool and watermelon juice dripping down my chin. And if you’re like me, summer also means having a professional cheat sheet to some easy, tasty recipes to keep the whole gang happy, healthy and coming back to the table, smiling and asking for seconds. With one of my favorite holidays right around the corner, My Kind of Life’s chef team, Innerfueled, has whipped up some simple, standout plant-based recipes for your summer BBQ parties. For me, 4th of July is a magical holiday–especially because it’s summer, finally! The whole family gets together to blow things up (I’m always terrified I’m going to get hit by a firework), fill our bellies with great grilled food & libations, and we reconnect with what it’s like to let life slow down a bit and thoroughly enjoy the real essence of living–family and community. I know you’ll enjoy July’s recipes as much as my Matt and I do! (Click READ MORE for July’s recipes)

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Should You Start A Blog? (Video)

June 24, 2014

I’ve been blogging since I graduated from college–that makes it around 6 years now. So you could say I have some experience on this subject, considering it’s a fairly new industry.

I get this question a lot, and thought, why not answer it on today’s post:

“Emily, I want to start a blog but I don’t know how to do it, or what to write about.”

Welcome to the big leagues, baby! Knowing what you want is half of the battle. But is this something you really need? Or is a blog like the idea of a nice expensive handbag–you’ve always wanted it, but it probably wouldn’t make such a big dent in your perceived image. You have to be honest with yourself–blogs are expensive and take up a lot of time. But like a growing baby, “it’s always worth it in the end.”

Want the truth? It’s waiting for you in today’s (funny) video with guest blogger Maria Tettamanti from The Wordy Girl: (Click READ MORE)

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"Working with Emily is a no-brainer. Her writing is brave but vulnerable, sassy but self-aware, and kind but tough. It's a joy to share her pieces with our community because so many readers tell us that they feel inspired and empowered by her choices."

- Mind Body Green

“Emily provided great insights and tips as she reflected on the value of seizing the moment in a wide variety of her experiences. In short, she "rocked!"

- MStephen C. Harper, Ph.D.

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“Emily is as sweet as she is smart. She is a true beauty with a body that is powerful, loved, and strong. Doing a givewaway on My Kind of Life was so much fun, her community is filled with wonderful women just like her!”

-Leanne Maily Hilgart, Vaute Couture
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