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Emily Nolan Joseph, photo by Mary Beth Koeth

Welcome to My Kind of Life, where we share inspiration to over 80,000 kind people.

My name is Emily Nolan and I am the Chief Empowerment Officer of My Kind of Life. In 2014, I was honored as Mind Body Green’s “Top 100 of the World’s Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness.” Here’s why: I have been a size 0 and a size 16. I’ve lived with 10 years of eating disorders. I’ve had plastic surgery, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Female Athlete Triad. Even though I’ve always had an outgoing spirit, I was still so lonely at every size. I thought, “How could anyone love me when I’m constantly comparing myself to everyone else?”

Maybe you’ve asked yourself a similar question.

Around age 27, I was traveling the world as a model, and simultaneously hitting rock bottom: The voice in my head was incessantly telling me that I was not good enough. Despite the success as a model, I was lonely and craving acceptance. The aforementioned voice was also saying that my body needed fixing, and at that time, I didn’t have the tools to know how to quiet it–so, like most of us do, I bought into what it was saying.

After hitting bottom, I threw my hands up in surrender. I decided that I’d start employing radical honesty because frankly, I finally didn’t care about what anyone else thought of me. I began to tell my family about the 15+ years I had struggled with feeling alone, unwanted, and like my body always needed to be fixed (and acting on it). Yes, I had failed a lot–but you don’t always need an A in class to pass.

I learned that radical honesty is a very important piece in my self-confidence toolkit. For once, I was interacting with people who genuinely cared for me (because I was finally being transparent). I also noticed that the Universe was on my side; I just had to learn to trust it. During public interviews, I courageously employed honesty and for the first time, shared my story with the world. I saw that opening up to the truth was healing on so many levels, and empowering others to share their story, too.

What I didn’t know at the time, was that I was building a toolkit that would save my self confidence—giving me an unbridled joie de vivre back. A life unfalteringly full of goodness.

If you’re a professional woman feeling lonely, doubting your value, or maybe like you haven’t found the one yet, it’s actually just a surface symptom and can be corrected very easily with developing your self-confidence.

I challenge you to deepen your commitment to yourself, and unite with me at #Summon, an intimate and transformational self-confidence women’s weekend intensive workshop & spa retreat in 2015. Hit, “Reply,” to this email and let me know that you’re interested in receiving more information on the retreats. I’ll add you to the quickly growing Retreat Inquiry List so you’re among the first who have the chance to book. There are 20 spots available at each intimate retreat–remember, you’ll want to get on that Inquiry List by hitting, “Reply,” so you’ll have first chance to book.

Also, leading up to Valentine’s Day in 2015, I’ll be taking the #Summon mini-workshop on my nonprofit Topless tour around the US. The Topless Tour is a several hour (sport bra) event offering young professional women a sustainable self-confidence solution toolkit, yoga and intimate journaling exercises. The tour was created to show women what real women look like without Photoshop. Scars, a soft tummy, freckles—that we are perfect just the way we are. And it is time we boldly and bravely stand up for the perfect body that we already have and empower others to feel the same way. Topless promotes real-body awareness with mind & body solutions.

In 2015, I am excited to announce that the Topless tour will be in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, and New York City. Join me and hundreds of other women in these cities, uniting with one common purpose: Inhale self-confidence and exhale self-doubt. (Come ready for journaling and dressed for yoga practice–all levels welcome). This is a complimentary event; you’ll need to sign up for tickets on My Kind of Life. There is a 300-500 person limit to the space in each city, so make sure you grab your tickets now, as the last FREE event sold out in 2 days!

I also invite you to join me, every Tuesday morning, on My Kind of Life, where I share award-winning articles and help young professional women with self-confidence.

Very kindly,


Emily Nolan Joseph

Chief Empowerment Officer

PS- The only size that matters, is the size of your brain–and heart.

this kinda rocks!
oh darling, indulge a little
this kinda rocks!
oh darling, indulge a little