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my kind of life

Emily Nolan Joseph, photo by Mary Beth Koeth

Hi there! I’m Emily Nolan Joseph–the Chief Empowerment Officer of this kind lifestyle blog, My Kind of Life. I’m also a model at a size 14, and get to travel all over the world getting my picture taken, proving that the only size that matters is the size of your brain, and your heart.

I love to write about my journey as a model and how I chose to start a kind lifestyle blog and brand. Many of my posts are dedicated to self-love, inspiration, entrepreneurship for smart people with excellent ideas, and stories about kind lifestyle products that I love–and that I know you will, too. What is a kind lifestyle, after all?

My kind lifestyle journey started after I gave up 10 years of eating disorders for a compassionate vegan diet, where I was finally able to connect with the food that was on my plate. When I started to connect the dots, I noticed that the more I lived with compassion–with the food on my plate and my lifestyle choices–the more successful and happy I became. And I’m talking off-the-charts success and happiness. I can testify that a kind, authentic lifestyle is the honest and easiest way to reach your goals successfully; that is, with a kind heart and of course, hard “play”–because it’s not work if you love what you’re doing.

I attribute all of the right shifts in my life to moving with love and authenticity, as well as making my final executive decisions with my heart and not just with the bottom line in mind. I ask myself, “What feels right? How can I continue to spread my message and inspire people? What is it about my career choices that enthusiastically gets me out of bed in the morning? Who can I help today?”

Maybe you’re asking yourself similar questions.

Are you searching for a greater meaning in your life? Do you feel deep down that you’re meant to do something that is big and bold and changes the world? Could you be searching for guidance on how to turn your excellent ideas into a reality? Have you been praying for a way to love yourself more and feel great in your own skin? I’m so glad and deeply grateful that you chose to come here today–and you’re definitely not alone: That is why I built My Kind of Life, a safe haven for everyone that is inspired to build the best versions of ourselves in this lifetime.

To join My Kind of Life, you can sign up for the newsletter, and I will send you private peeks inside of my personal journal at My Kind of Life and behind-the-scenes stories of my travels and photo shoots. You’ll get to read things that are very dear to me, that I could never share on the blog. I post my stories on My Kind of Life every week and inspirational snippets everyday on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. Please, pop on by anytime and say, “Hey!” Let’s talk about success, kind living and how I can help you. It makes my day when I hear from you–and I do, hear from all of you!

My Kind of Life is rated the # 1 top kind lifestyle blog on the Psychology of Eating Top 50 Vegan Blogs; many thanks to you, my smart loyal readers, for coming back for more inspiration, time and time again. My heart, my gratitude–it resides in this community of kind people who are all great enough. You are, great enough!

Very kindly,


Emily Nolan Joseph