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Emily Nolan Joseph, photo by Mary Beth Koeth

Hi there! I’m Emily Nolan, the Chief Empowerment Officer of My Kind of Life, where I share inspiration for kind people.

My Kind of Life is a compilation of shared stories throughout our journeys. Some of the stories I share are about healing from eating disorders and the Standard American Diet (SAD), retraining our brains to think kindly without judgment, inspirational “ah-ha” moments, interviews with one-of-a-kind wellness leaders, my experience as a (role) model, loving yourself more, yoga and meditation, and who would have guessed…kindness!

Let’s talk about food! After 10 years of eating disorders, I traded in my yucky eating habits for a compassionate plant-based diet—also known as living ahimsa. I was exhausted from living and thinking violently towards my body and I bottomed out a couple years after I graduated from business school at the University of North Carolina.

I would eat. I wouldn’t eat. I didn’t know what to eat. I would follow a crash diet plan and feel like crap because I couldn’t stick to it. To be honest, at that point in my life, I couldn’t stick to much, because nothing felt right to me. I think a lot of us have lived like this—or maybe you still do, and that’s why you’re here.

Soon after I bottomed out, I quickly grew interest in this new way of eating that was so nourishing to me. I even went on to graduate from a master’s program in plant-based nutrition at Cornell. I knew for certain that I was healing with a greener diet when I started to feel a symbiotic relationship between my body and my food choices—especially when I ate seasonal, whole foods. You’d only know how much better I felt if you’ve had the same experience. Eating plants was a life transforming choice.

What a struggle I’ve had with body image, too. You’d never know it, since a lot of you see me flying around the world for photo shoots–but it’s true. As a teenager, I trained for olympic softball and I struggled with Female Athlete Triad. Just like any person with an addiction or disorder, I am constantly healing from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). It’s not easy coming out to share my struggle with everyone; in fact, it’s quite terrifying. I hope that in sharing my struggle, you feel safe here—maybe even safe enough to share your story.

I have a very healthy relationship with my body now, and choose to give it the love it deserves—everyday. What I’ve learned from my experiences is that I am not defined by my size or a medical term for a common disorder. Nor should you be. Everyday is another opportunity to heal, to forgive, to find compassion, to feel joy. To choose kindness when we’re quick to judge.

I have a daily yoga and meditation practice, and I choose to live in a highly conscious state of mind, as much as possible. By using these daily practices, I’m able to live an abundant, exciting life that I feel in control of: I finally have the reins back and I’m in charge of my life again.

Now, every morning that I wake up, I feel free. Free to be just as I am. I know that at my thinnest (size 4), I would have rather died than to have gone back to the gym one more time for a 5-6 hour workout. And at my largest (size 14), I was sluggish and constantly tired with extreme overdoses of processed sugar. Today, I live honestly, move with intention, practice kindness, thank the Universe daily, and eat a non-violent nourishing diet. I’m able to give and receive love more freely, like the summer breeze blowing in and out of an open window.

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Very kindly,


Emily Nolan Joseph

Chief Empowerment Officer

PS- The only size that matters, is the size of your brain–and heart.