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Emily Nolan Joseph, photo by Mary Beth Koeth

Welcome to My Kind of Life, where we share inspiration for kind people.

My name is Emily Nolan and I am the Chief Empowerment Officer of My Kind of Life. I’m humbled and completely honored to be listed among Mind Body Green’s, “Top 100 of the World’s Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness,” as well as the, “Top 100 Women To Watch In Wellness.”

Here’s why: I have been a size 0 and a size 16–I’ve realized that happiness doesn’t come from a size, it comes from within. I’ve lived with over 10 years of eating disorders and have obsessed over fad diets for as long as I could read the cover of a magazine in the grocery store check-out line. I’ve had plastic surgery, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Female Athlete Triad. Even though I’ve always had an outgoing spirit, I was still so unhappy at every size. I thought, “How could anyone else love me just as I am, when I’m constantly trying to live my life the way media thinks I should?”

Maybe you’ve asked yourself a similar question.

At 27, I was traveling the world as a model and at the same time, feeling like I was hitting bottom: The voice in my head was telling me that I was not good enough. Despite my relative success as a model, I was lonely, hated most of my body and was craving acceptance. Mostly self-acceptance. I didn’t have the tools to know how to quiet the voice in my head–so, like most of us do, I bought into what it was saying.

Go fix yourself. You’re not good enough.

After hitting bottom, which felt like losing at life all together, I threw my hands up in surrender to something mightier than my constant struggle for socially-acceptable vanity. To be honest, I was fucking tired of trying to keep up with someone else’s idea of who I should be. There had to be a better way, and as it turns out, there is. Hallelujah. 

I decided that I’d start employing this idea of radical honesty because I thought, I’d rather be happy at any size, than this unhappy trying to look and live like someone I’m not.

Fuck the last 5 pounds. I never want to skip dessert in lieu of a jiggle-free belly, ever again. I want to live, finally, freely, without judgement for myself.

I’m reclaiming my human experience and owning every single smile, every tummy roll, every belly laugh, every long hug, and every batch of eye-welling tears from breakthroughs at TOPLESS. From this moment on, I choose to surrender to the life I was born for and to live my purpose like it is the only burning legacy that I want to leave behind, and there’s only one day left to leave my mark.

I’m all in. I’m going to lift up my mother blasting freak sails and run like hell

I told my family about the 15 years that I tirelessly struggled with feeling like I was fighting this never-ending battle with body image. I got help. And help came mostly in the form of writing and sharing with you on My Kind of Life. And much of my healing, that came from TOPLESS.

The lessons I’ve learned from radical honesty have played a very important role in my self-confidence toolkit. I see friendship in people who deeply care about me because I’m finally being transparent, and I let them into my life. I also notice that the Universe is on my side; I just have to trust it and stop judging it–and my body.

As scary as it was to tell the truth, I courageously employ honesty and share my story with you. I see that opening up to the truth is healing on so many levels. Sharing my truth has also created a safe, empowering space for you to share your story, too. It’s actually really human (thank God), having a hero’s journey about bouncing back. We all have it written in our DNA. We’re built to be resilient.

If you’re feel like you’re alone, unworthy in your body or maybe like you just haven’t found your life partner yet, you can actually heal yourself by developing your self-confidence toolkit, which I’ll help you do. You can totally win at life–your life. And I’ve got your back sister, always.

Women are infinitely more powerful when we support each other.

I’d like to challenge you to deepen your commitment to yourself, and unite with me at #Summon, an intimate, week-long women’s self-confidence eco retreat in Costa Rica in March of 2016. Hit, “Reply,” to this email and let me know that you’re interested in receiving more information. I’ll be happy to add you to the Retreat Inquiry List so you’re among the first who have the chance to book.

I also invite you to join me on My Kind of Life, where I share award-winning articles to add to your self confidence toolkit. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the site and in the comment section that follows each post. Here’s a couple of my favorite articles to get you started:

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this kinda rocks!
oh darling, indulge a little
this kinda rocks!
oh darling, indulge a little