Beautiful Women For A Positive Social Change (Cosabella x TOPLESS)

Cosabella x TOPLESS Extended Emily Nolan

I’ve always aspired to live my life as a (role) model and inspiration for social change and self-acceptance. The dream is real my sisters–and dreams take time. Well, good dreams, dreams well done, those take time. Like marinating something really juicy, a good recipe takes patience, persistence and a vision of what you want in the end. In this case, it’s just the beginning. And oh how I’m enjoying the journey so.

I find myself walking that fine line of trying to find balance and inspiration in all of my choices. Like most of us do, I feel the need to access presence and exercise my right to feel the universe so deeply, so intensely. And then there’s this nouveau life on the other end of the spectrum, full of social media and crazy hashtags, that still too, have the universal power to touch someone who treads across the share. Learning how I enjoy the balance of the new world, and still being able to access the deep presence of the old, I find, is most interesting. It’s an incredible tightrope act, walking the faint line of real, filling, old world connection, and marrying it to the new technological connection that seems decently filling, and still yet, having the ability to inspire and make ripples throughout the world.

I’ve always played with being on the precipice of powerful social change that would have softened the blow of body image awareness when I was 14 years old, reaching for hipbones I couldn’t yet find under my fleshy skin and developed muscles. Here we are today, 15 years later, and the tip of this empowering journey is being strung together by leaders who beat their own drum, knowing at the core of our existence, that our message of self-confidence is what we share.

What I’ve found to be most authentic when I’m accessing connection in the new world, is to share pieces that could change someone’s mind, or life. Truthfully, my only loosely held guideline for sharing, is to share what catches my inspiration in the moment.

My friend Claire Santos once told me, “Inspiration is like the wind, it catches whoever’s present.

I want to share a piece of inspiration that I’m quite proud of. A beautiful piece of old world intention that’s set sail into the new world to touch and strengthen connections and encourage support instead of comparison.

One year ago, TOPLESS started working with Cosabella to launch an Extended luxury Italian lingerie line, making the world’s most beloved luxe lingerie available to women of all sizes. How I’ve always wanted fine lingerie to make me feel as pretty as I knew I was. And now, I can access that feeling through our creation. I’ve always loved lingerie, truthfully, because it’s the closest thing I hold to my heart. It’s not just sexy, but intimate. My experience of lingerie is like a message in a bottle, a hint into the soul of my individual message. I like my message, my lingerie, to look like a beautiful, cozy love letter to myself.

Love letters are always better when they’re authentic–and there’s no particular size to a love letter because they’re best when they’re incredibly real. Love letters and lingerie, such beautifully married fragrances that generously waft self-goodness like a magic fairy’s glittery wand. And deservedly so. Because we’re good enough, just they way we are.

Shop our collection today through the end of June and 20% of the proceeds will benefit TOPLESS.

Cosabella x TOPLESS lingerie extended

Cosabella x TOPLESS Extended Emily Nolan has shared the Cosabella x TOPLESS launch online and it’s made a huge ripple on their Instagram page with over 6,900 likes in one day (@elleusa). The Extended collection and TOPLESS initiative is redefining what healthy and beautiful looks like. And Elle had the kindest things to say about our launch:

Cosabella’s new Extended line features a variety of the brand’s best-selling styles in cup sizes 32-36 D, DD-G and 38 D, DD-F, as well as sizes 12/14, 16/18, 20/22 for underwear. And as a bonus to celebrate a wider array of body types, Cosabella is featuring Emily Nolan, founder of self-confidence and body-empowerment non-profit TOPLESS, as its spokesmodel for Extended.

All these sizes are available now at Cosabella retailers and on—and for the month of June, 20 percent of proceeds will go straight to TOPLESS. In other words, support girls everywhere by literally supporting your “girls.”

Cosabella x TOPLESS Extended Emily Nolan

Cosabella x TOPLESS Extended Emily Nolan

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