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Sun in Bloom

Sun in Bloom store

Shitake bacon. That’s all this post really needs to say to get you to travel to Brooklyn to try this divine farm to table eatery. When I’m in NYC, it’s my Sunday morning ritual to show up at 10 AM and order a short stack of their silver dollar pancakes with vegan butter and shitake bacon. Though it’s a tough act to follow, the owner/ executive chef, Aimee Follette, nails the entrees, especially the tofu scramble with avocado and extra shitake bacon. At Sun In Bloom, ordering extra bacon is celebrated and widely accepted. More bacon. Crispy smoky bacon. Baaaacoooonnnn!

While we’re on the topic, I have a bacon-eater in my family that I’m dyiiinnnggg to bring here. I want to know if they can honestly taste the difference between the shitake bacon and the overrated fatty kind. The craze for bacon-everything is rocking the food industry right now; In the comment section below, I’d l-o-v-e to know (especially so others can read your reviews): Have you ever tried shitake bacon or coconut bacon? What did you think of it?

Set a trap for your meat-eating friends and bring them to a vegan restaurant like this so they have to no option but to try how foodgasmic plant-based meals can be. Trial by force doesn’t always work but I’ve noticed when people are starving you can find them at their weakest and exploit them. They’ll thank you later.

coffee and smiling girl

At Sun In Bloom, it’s not all tofu and granola. Anyone who dines here will leave satiated and with a fat smile on their face. Plus, the celebrity sightings make it fun to order an extra latte just to sip and peek at Usher mouthing his chocolate chip pancakes.

vegan logo

Sun In Bloom makes everything on their vegan menu available as gluten-free as well. Celiacs has never rocked so much.

sun in bloom over wheat

 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Brunch

8:30 AM – 9:00 PM (M, T, W, Th, F)

Weekend Brunch:  10 AM – 5 PM (Sa, Su)

460 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217


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    amazing pancakes

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oh darling, indulge a little
this kinda rocks!
oh darling, indulge a little