Life’s Too Short

Be Pretty Brave

Life's too short video by Emily Nolan

On my 30th birthday, I’d like to share this gift with you. The gift is choosing to #beprettybrave. Or, you can send yourself into a spiral of doubt, the later of which is never, ever fun, or light, or joyful. You see, life is so short, so precious, that I can’t imagine why we don’t all choose joy in every moment. Why do we do these awful things to ourselves, like seeking outside validation, when at the end of life, I’m certain we’d  feel incredibly cheated of our experience.

Why do we care so deeply about what someone else thinks about the way we look? The path we choose? The decisions we want to make? What if we were brave enough to tune out the noise and do only what feels exactly right for each of us? What if we were not to judge someone else’s decision, but to accept it as their Pretty Brave choice, the choice that’s exactly right for them, even if it doesn’t mirror what we believe to be true for us. How can our Divine Hums within be wrong? If we pay close attention to the voice within us–the Hum–we know, there is nothing that could be more true, more right, for each of us.

I want us all to choose joy in every moment. Zoom way out and see the big picture; our Earth Suit is just a vehicle for experience and we get to choose what that experience is like. We have the choice: We can live in perpetual self-doubt, continuing this wasteful and vicious cycle our modern western culture is so sucked into, or, we can choose to be Pretty Brave. That is, listen only to the Hum within each of us. What is absolutely and irrefutably true for you in this very moment?

In this video, I explain that I had the choice to feel fat. What I realized in my thought process, and as I was digging for my own tools in my confidence toolkit, was that even the hour of contemplation it took for me to decide to be Pretty Brave was a huge waste of time. I never want to give anything so negative that much time of my life, ever again.

When we zoom out, we’re able to see that these tiny things our culture obsesses about are so pointless and meaningless. Being Pretty Brave is my favorite tool for tuning out the outside noise to listen in to the Hum within. This choice is absolutely our highest and best intention.

Choose joy. Be Pretty Brave.

I’d like to know, what decision would you make today, if you could be Pretty Brave?

Kind Contributor Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan is a professional model, teacher and founder of nonprofit, TOPLESS yoga, a globally recognized empowerment event used as a tool for practicing radical self-acceptance. Emily hosts The Hum, a women’s fellowship retreat which emphasizes listening to our Hum within. Through her mission-based work, Emily has sparked a global conversation around body image.

Nolan is currently writing her first book, Pretty Brave.

Find Emily Nolan at @iamemilynolan //

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