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I was asked to pick a sample audience to give my final speech at Gail Larsen’s Transformational Speaking immersion, and out of my mouth, I blurted, “L’Oreal Women of Worth.” I was a bit surprised to hear the audience I had impulsively chosen for myself.

One of the fiery small group participants, Deb, leaned forward, seated on a slouchy leather sofa, looked at me dead in the eyes and said, nodding, “Is that who you want to give your speech to?” I replied, smiling with a confident head nod, “Yes.”

“Then own it.” She said, as if she was directing my soul, offering a medicine I’m so used to prescribing: “Listen to your Hum.”

So I listened. “You are all the audience of L’Oreal’s Women of Worth award ceremony. You are beauty executives and influential celebrities.” All of me knew, this is absolutely who my audience is, even if it started as a small group of six women in a cozy room in Santa Fe.

I knew nothing of the Women of Worth awards, except for, I’d love to be there and share my story. I didn’t know how or when to apply, I didn’t know the qualifications, I didn’t even know the award nominations were happening as I spoke the words to life. Choosing the Women of Worth audience was completely random and yet so specific.

The day after I gave my final speech for L’Oreal’s Women of Worth, my manifested audience at the Transformational Speaking immersion, I arrived back in Miami Beach and began skimming through Facebook, checking in on all the updates I missed while I was in Santa Fe. My newsfeed refreshed itself, and at the very top of the newsfeed, I saw this:

Screenshot 2016-04-28 07.36.46

Holy Mother!

I about died. The skeptical part of me that occasionally believes in manifestation sprung to life as I clicked, “Learn More,” and began to nominate myself. As I finished my entry, I wondered, what kind of woman nominates herself? I shrugged as I accepted my final answer to the nominee summary. I started with, “When I look in the mirror, I’ve never witnessed a more courageous Emily.”

After I submitted my nomination, I learned that I only have one day (ends April 29) to collect as many thoughtful nominations from my friends and family (that’s you!). My hope is that your thoughtful entries will help me and my work in body confidence stand out from the pile of incredible nominees.

I am asking you to generously take 10 minutes out of your day and help me, with a thoughtful nomination for the L’Oreal Women of Worth award. If I have ever touched you with my stories or TOPLESS yoga events and videos, I would be incredibly humbled to have you submit a nomination for me.

Just two days ago, I prepared my acceptance speech for L’Oreal’s Women of Worth Award, not knowing L’Oreal was accepting entries for 2016 Women of Worth. I know it sounds backwards, giving a speech for this award ceremony before I even knew they were accepting nominations, but I trust the Hum within, that said, “Yes! I will be giving this speech to that audience!”

I have added suggested answers below, however, your original, thoughtful answers are much stronger. Since I am very late to the party–most nominees got started at the end of March–I’m counting on your kind, generous and thoughtful answers to help me get noticed for the first round of Women of Worth selections.

Thank you so much for helping me spread the message that our bodies are all Divine, just the way we are.

I’ve included two videos about my work with TOPLESS yoga, the nonprofit event I started, to show us all how miraculous and magical our bodies are. That we are not broken and we don’t need fixing. And we never did. Our Earth Suits are all perfect, just the way they are.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the TOPLESS journey. I humbly bow.



TOPLESS Miami from Emily Nolan on Vimeo.

L’Oreal’s Women of Worth video:

Answer suggestions for Women of Worth nomination:

Confirm Eligibility: No compensation
Currently participating:Yes
Volunteer service began:Aug 2014
How many hours of service?500+
Does the nominee work for an organization: Yes

Topless Events, Inc
Age: 29
Address: Miami Beach, FL
Phone: (please use your phone)

There has to be a better way than seeking validation of beauty and body image worth from outside sources. Emily Nolan, Founder of Topless Yoga, has developed a bras on, bellies out movement-inspired event that allows women to go within themselves and listen to their bodies. She inspires communities to feel good enough, just the way we are–without the risky procedures and self-doubt.

Emily’s a plus size model who speaks honestly about how “loving your curves” is simply not enough. She has undergone elective surgeries to look thinner, in addition to an augmentation, and realized throughout the gruesome processes of trying to change her body, that there has to be a better way to live. That way is believing that she’s not broken. That we’re not broken. And we don’t need fixing. We never did. Our bodies are worthy, just the way we are.

By sharing her story as a professional plus-size model with body dysmorphia, plastic surgery and eating disorders, Emily opens up a conversation that has not yet been shared. Women of all sizes struggle with their body image. Curvy women want flat stomachs, accentuated curves, and no double chin. Our modern day, western society emphasizes that we’re one diet, workout or procedure away from being fixed–from being worthy. The Divine within us knows though, that our Earth Suits have always been magic.

Emily’s an open book–some might say, a martyr for body image. She serves a global community of women to listen to themselves instead of seeking risky–deadly–outside diets and elective procedures. When she shares her old story of self-doubt and unworthiness and contrasts it with her new story of living in joy and lightness, she’s able to share that joyous transformation with women who have had the experience of not feeling good enough–of feeling like they’re (#) steps away from the body they want.

I’ve never witnessed a more courageous woman. I am so proud of Emily. She has defied risky attempts to transform her body and two decades of body image shame. She shares her story of transformation, from self-doubt to self-confidence, so others can live peacefully in their Earth Suits. Emily is a radical truth-teller who’s allowed the ripples of her truth to move through us all like waves of inspiration.

Kind Contributor Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan is a professional model, teacher and founder of nonprofit, TOPLESS yoga, a globally recognized empowerment event used as a tool for practicing radical self-acceptance. Emily hosts The Hum, a women’s fellowship retreat which emphasizes listening to our Hum within. Through her mission-based work, Emily has sparked a global conversation around body image.

Nolan is currently writing her first book, Pretty Brave.

Find Emily Nolan at @iamemilynolan //

Join Emily on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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