by Emily Nolan

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TOPLESS Yoga is a bras on, bellies out self-confidence event for men and women. We invite you to practice feeling courageous in your own skin, and don’t worry, taking your shirt off to practice yoga is completely optional. You’ll hear a moving story on body image from Emily Nolan and get a contagious dose of courage and fearlessness while practicing with a world renown yoga instructor. Open to all levels.

Redefining beauty is something we’re proud to take bare our bellies for.

A message from Emily​:

I’ve modeled at a size 0 and a size 16—I know that happiness doesn’t come from a size, it comes from within. I’ve lived with 10 years of eating disorders and obsessed over fad diets for as long as I could read the cover of a magazine. I’ve struggled with plastic surgery, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Female Athlete Triad. I thought no one could love me just the way that I am. I was constantly trying to live my life through media’s expectations of what the perfect woman should look like.

Exhausted, from trying to keep up with the idea that I should look like someone I am not; I hit rock bottom. I had so much shame. I wanted to change my body, and painfully did; eating disorders, plastic surgery. I realized that changing my body didn’t help my self-confidence, it crushed it. With radical honesty, I began sharing my story of my tumultuous journey through body image, figuring that I’d rather be happy at any size, than morbidly unhappy trying to look like a still-life, photoshopped image of a super model. In truth, radical honesty was my first successful attempt at living freely, without judgment for myself, for my size.

Being truthful, without shame, is the most important tool in my self-confidence toolkit. I trust in courage, being brave enough to share my story, because it feels divinely correct.

What I learned by repelling my way into the deepest well of self-doubt, is that living with radical honesty has forever changed me. Sometimes you have to drink the muck at the bottom of the well, just to know how divine the sip at the top is. I believed there had to be a better way to live than with a socially acceptable amount of self-sabotage, and as it turns out, there is.

It’s really human, having a shameful story that you’re afraid to bare witness to. It’s how you choose to let go of that story that decides how you bounce back. We’re built to be resilient—to have a hero’s journey—it’s written in our DNA.

You can let go with me.

Very kindly,


To take part in the #HealthyBellySelfie initiative, here’s 3 things you can do:

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2. Share why your belly is so healthy. Make sure to use the hashtag #HealthyBellySelfie and @MyKindofLife_Em in your comment.

3. Nominate 3 friends to join you.

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this kinda rocks!
oh darling, indulge a little
this kinda rocks!
oh darling, indulge a little