Women’s Week in Costa Rica


#SISTERHOOD costa rica

March 13 – 19, 2016

You deserve it: Adventure, empowerment, self-confidence, connection and seven days of uninterrupted me time.

what we know

As women, we are infinitely more powerful when we support one another. To own who we authentically are and celebrate our uniqueness, we have to trust that we are good enough just the way we are, and that act alone takes courage and a leap of faith. I’m asking you to leap with me. And more importantly, take some time off with a beautiful group of women to inspire yourself.

what can we expect?

Together in the jungle of Costa Rica at Perrey Reeves stunning eco resort, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, we’ll experience practices and adventure that guide us deeper into our own self-examination: Journaling, beach time, hiking through the jungles, swimming in waterfalls, surfing, yoga and meditation taught by world renown instructor Liz Lindh, who’s also facilitating a healing waterfall wellness ritual for us. 

There will be plenty of downtime for a lazy beach day, free time to write your own novel, go shopping in town, get lost in the jungle, or simply lounge by the pool with a good book. There’s a lot to do in the Nicoya Peninsula, excursions to take and wellness services to be had. 

who should go?

If you’re a woman and want time off from everyday life or any personal struggles you may be having, come. Trust your gut and take some time off. This retreat includes daily physical activities like hiking, swimming, yoga and surfing, however everything is optional, modified and open to beginners and all ages.

what’s included?

#SISTERHOOD is an all-inclusive retreat. From the tree top jungle lofts to the organic vegetarian food and thoughtful group activities and excursions–we’ve got you covered.

All meals are covered on the property, however there may be times that you want to eat at a delicious local restaurant in town. In those cases, you will be in charge of your own expenses. 


reserve your spot:

Email to reserve your spot. The cost to attend #sisterhood is $2,550; this includes your treetop jungle hut and meals on the property.

Once your spot is confirmed, Emily will send you Paypal payment details via email.

the travel details:

Once you’ve paid, you’ll need to book your flights. We ask that you fly to San Jose, Costa Rica on March 12, 2016 so you can hop on a short 30 minute flight in the morning to Tambor on March 13. There is also an option to take a bus ($50) or private taxi ($260) from San Jose directly to the The Sanctuary property.

Once you’ve booked all of your flights, you’ll need to book a hotel room for the night of March 12 in San Jose, Costa Rica (Around $120/room). This booking is separate from the retreat; please let Emily know if you’re interested in sharing a room this night; most guests are sharing a room in San Jose and using the 12th to tour around the capitol.

Once you’ve booked your flights and hotel, please send your reservations to The Sanctuary will then arrange for your taxi from Tambor airport to The Sanctuary at Two Rivers and send you the details of your pickup arrangement a week before you arrive.

a love note from emily

I call it like it is–we’re sisters. We might not be blood relatives, but we’ve picked each other as family. We’re women that support each other’s desires, truths and goals; we hold each other accountable. It’s rewarding to feel a sense of genuine belonging amongst friends and to feel good enough just the way we are.

I look forward to sharing this intimate experience with you. Welcome to #SISTERHOOD, our inspiring women’s week with self-confidence practices, adventure at every turn and sacred time for self-reflection.

Kind Contributor Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan is a professional model, teacher and founder of nonprofit, TOPLESS yoga, a globally recognized empowerment event used as a tool for practicing radical self-acceptance. Emily hosts The Hum, a women’s fellowship retreat which emphasizes listening to our Hum within. Through her mission-based work, Emily has sparked a global conversation around body image.

Nolan is currently writing her first book, Pretty Brave.

Find Emily Nolan at @iamemilynolan //

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this kinda rocks!
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